National Archives Sections and Units

National Archives of Zambia Sections and Units

Archive Administration Section

This Unit is responsible for arranging Public Archives into retrieval units and ensuring safe custody of non-current records to facilitate lawful access by relevant government institutions and
members of the public.
It is headed by Chief Archivist who is directly responsible for one Senior Archivist.

Records Management Section

This Section will ensure the safety and security of semi current records and will facilitate lawful access and retrieval. It is also headed by 2 Chief Archivist who is responsible for one (1) Senior Archivist

Conservation and Reprographic Unit

In order to maintain a strictly controlled environment and restoration of all damaged materials for long-term preservation, a Conservation and Reprographic Unit should exist. The unit is headed by a Senior Conservator who is responsible for two (2) Conservators .

Library and Legal Deposit Services Section

The Section should exist to maintain a depository centre for all publications issued in Zambia (legal deposit) and a National Reference Library Service for the country; preserve for posterity and for research; and to ensure safe custody and lawful access to the national literary heritage. The Section is headed by a Chief Librarian who is directly responsible for one (1) Senior Librarian.

Administrative Unit

Due to its distinct nature in terms of physical location, the National Archives is an Administrative wing which is charged with the responsibility of managing all human resources and administrative matters.

Provincial Archive and Record Centres

In order to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and economy in records management and archives administration it is necessary that provincial archives and records centres be strengthened and new ones established. The Provincial Offices is divided into two categories namely Class’ A’ Provincial Archive and Record Centres and Class ‘B’ Provincial and Record Centres